Considering Private High School For Your Child? What To Know

Posted on: 16 March 2016

If you have been considering a private high school education for your child because you want them to be pushed academically, and because you're looking for something other than public school, there are many benefits to making the switch. There are many perks to enrolling your child in a private school. Here are a few of the most important reasons why private high school could be the best option for you.

Higher Chances of Finishing College

Students that graduated from a private school are more likely to finish their post-high school studies and earn a bachelor degree than those who go to public schools. Public schools graduates are actually below the national average of kids that finish college, and private Catholic high school students are some of the most likely students to go on and graduate college.

Smaller Class Sizes                                      

Finding a private school that puts an emphasis on smaller class sizes is ideal. A smaller class size provides a variety of benefits for the students. It's easier for teachers to target where a child is struggling or having concerns so they can prevent the child from falling behind when they don't have as many students in a class, and they can also easily see what students are excelling and need to be pushed.  This also helps the teachers develop closer relationships with the students, and students can express themselves easily in a group of familiar students.

Religious Options

If you are Christian, there are many private high schools in your area that you could pick for your child. This means they won't just get a high quality education, but they will also learn about Christianity and get an education that is faith based. This is something you can't get with public school options.

Touring the local private school options you have for high school can help you get more information, and each school will provide you with the facts and statistics you want to see in relation to their students and academics. Compare the class sizes, class variety options, religious curriculums and all of the other things that are important to you when you start touring the schools, and have your child walk through the buildings to see which school they like best. Contact a private school in your area to find out more. You never know, you might be able to find your child a school they will adore. 


Reinforcing My Kid's Education

Once my kids started school, I realized that they were going to need a lot of help at home in addition to their homework. I thought about it and decided that it would be smart to pick up some educational materials that might help. Each night, we would go through the things that they learned, and I would teach them my personal take on the material. You wouldn't believe the difference it made. Within about six weeks, both of my kids were on track with their schoolwork and thriving in school. Parental involvement matters, which is why this blog exists.