Are You Ready to Promote Positive Mental Health in the Classroom? 4 Benefits of Using Prepared SEL Lesson Plans

Posted on: 27 July 2021

Social and emotional learning is an essential part of every effective classroom environment. While some social skills are learned on the playground and sports field, others might need more intentional teaching. Implementing SEL curriculum lesson plans in your classroom provides these benefits that you'll begin to see from the very beginning of the school year.

Give Students In Crisis Self-Comfort Tools

The pandemic has been hard on kids, and it is not the only crisis situation that your students are dealing with. Divorce, grief and loss, bullying, and even a recent move can all leave your students reeling. SEL lessons give your students tools that can help them start to heal. When they are coping well, they'll be better able to listen and retain the other lessons that you teach.

Improve Classroom Behaviors

Children aren't always born with the social skills that they need to thrive in the classroom. SEL lesson plans focus on teaching students how to self-regulate their behaviors and how to resolve conflicts successfully. As your students learn how to manage their strong emotions and work together to find solutions to problems, you'll notice that the classroom atmosphere beginning to clear and feel more like a safe place for your students to go. You'll also notice each student's self-esteem rising when they feel in control of their behavior.

Build On Oral Language Lessons

Children from preschool all the way through high school are still learning how to properly communicate their needs and emotions to others. Although your vocabulary lessons can teach the students the meaning behind important words, it doesn't always teach them how to make powerful statements. SEL lessons are the perfect way to bring it all together so that your students can speak up for themselves and others using language that helps improve a challenging situation.

Pack More Learning Into Schedule Gaps

Some of the best lessons only take a few minutes to complete and require minimal materials. This allows you to squeeze opportunities to improve your students' emotional health into those little time gaps during the day when you need something to do. You can add a lesson to your morning meeting or afternoon wrap-up. They also work well for days when you have indoor recess or finish up another lesson early. Ideally, you'll have a set time each day to do these lessons, but adding an extra one in when you can only helps to strengthen your students' emotional wellness. 

For more information about SEL lessons plans, contact a local curriculum business near you to learn more.


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